Hashtags are frequently misused throughout society today because people do not know enough about them and their intent.  This is why I made a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on Hashtags so people will be more educated about their history and illustrate their purpose in a satirical way. The target audience of my PSA was all twitter users especially the teen market.  The conception of audience has narrowed a bit because while there are many Twitter users the primary users of Twitter are teens and those in their early 20’s.  Our PSA meets the target because through the use of humor and satirizing frequent posts on Facebook that many teenagers can related to we are capturing their intention and educating them. 

The ultimate purpose of the PSA is to educate about the proper use of the Hashtag and to stop its misuse (especially on Facebook) because quite frankly it’s annoying.  I used pathos in the advertisements I created in order to appeal to the audience’s emotion by satirizing them and make them realize the real purpose of the Hashtag. I also used color theory in the advertisements so that the advertisements are visually appealing so the target market will want to view them and so key words can be seen clearly because of the color scheme. We also conducted interviews for the PSA so it can illustrate how people feel about Hashtags.

This project has been challenging for me because it was very hard to be creative and effective portray my message in a satirical way in the advertisements.  Also, I had not worked with video cameras in a couple years so adjusting to that was hard as well.  From the process I learned about the true purpose of the Hashtag and also how to better communicate with others and divide work in order to come together again and effective produce an effective PSA.  I like that you put us into groups because it allows us to work with members of our class that we do not normally have the chance to work with. In retrospect, I do not believe that I would have done many things differently.

This PSA in the context of my entire 125 experience has served as a culmination as I had the opportunity to employ many rhetorical strategies I utilized throughout class.  I used my understanding of pathos to effectively communicate with my target market.  I used different color strategies to also visually appeal to my target market and so they will more effectively understand the purpose of the PSA.  I satirized the use of the Hashtag just as I had witnessed in other pieces of work that we interacted with in English 125 this year.  From reading the article about texting as writing to learning about what a topoi was I have fully encompassed many of the teachings especially rhetorical strategies in my PSA.  I had to analytically think about what topic I was going to choose and then work cooperatively with others to reach a common goal.  The whole way I utilized skills from this class such as persistence, patience and even to slow down a little to more effectively solve the problem.  I am leaving this class with a much better understanding of rhetoric since when I walked in I did not know much about it and I am leaving as a better writer who is able to analyze something as simple as a Hashtag and turn it into an analytical piece serving as a Public Service Announcement for all Twitter users especially the teen audience around me.




Minutes 12/6

Today in class we received review and also reviewed others projects.  We were paired with another group that also is doing their project on Hashtags.  It was very unique seeing the approach that they were taking throughout the project.  We collaborated in order to make both of our projects better.  For example, they gave me suggestions for my Advertising campaign and then throughout class I made the corrections.  I edited the Advertisements today and also constructed the powerpoint that is going to be used for our final project.  I helped put everything together to move us one step closer to our final project including the video and advertising campaign.  I am meeting with Quresh and Rohan this weekend to finish the project and be prepared to give the presentation on Tuesday

Writing minutes 12/4/12

Before today’s session our group had begun to start recording our video, but had yet to start our advertising campaign.  Right now we have completed recording the video, but we haven’t started to edit it yet and we also finished our advertising campaign.

During the session today I spend the whole time working on the advertising campaign.  The campaign is to illustrate the purpose of the hashtag, what it is and how to use it in a very satirical way.  My group was out recording and i volunteered to make the advertising campaign because I have had experience making these before.  I made all three of the advertisements in which there were QR Codes that I produced and I also made a works cited page.  There were not any technological mishaps and I felt the process went smoothly and I was able to illustrate the message clearly in a humorous and enjoyable way.

One goal I have for future sessions is to gain feedback from my peers so I can improve the advertising campaign so it will most effectively relate to my target audience of the teen market.  Another goal I have is I want to edit the video so it will work well with the advertising campaign so that our final product is comprehensive and effective in reaching our target audience and making an impact.

  • Your goals for future sessions.

Photography: Selective focus

Photography: Selective focus

This picture from the Movie “We are Marshall” illustrates selective focus as the audience is only concentrating on Matt Mcconaughey. The audience is not being distracted by any irrelevant information and the technique of selective focus is used to make the scene more dramatic and to allow the audience to fully engage with the scene and to feel as if they are there listening in person. Matt Mcconaughey is the main focus in this scene while the trees and tombstone is the background and this selective focus really adds to the simplicity of the many aspects of the scene and brings suspense to the audience.

Visual organization: Gestalt law of symmetry

Visual organization: Gestalt law of symmetry

This picture illustrates Gestalt’s law of symmetry because if we were two cut this picture in half, each half would be identical. The picture has two rows of circles and two rows of triangles and each row has either five circles or triangles. Because they are equal and the pattern is the same on both sides than this picture is symmetric and is visually organized following Gestalt’s law of symmetry.

Color theory: Primary vs. secondary colors

Color theory: Primary vs. secondary colors

This picture of the “O” form the University of Oregon is displaying the distinction between primary and secondary colors. The primary color in this picture is yellow which is the color of the “O” and the background is green or a secondary produced from mixing yellow and blue. These two colors complement each other very well as the darkness of the secondary color green in the background allows the primary color yellow to stand out to the audience so that it is very easily visible and this is important because the “O” is the main focus of this picture.

Classwork and future goals


Before today’s session our group finished the proposal.  As of today we conducted more research, made a script for the presentation and recorded the first part of the video and uploaded it to I-movie.   One technological mishap we encountered was that we had difficulty uploading the video to I-movie.  In the recording Rohan, Queresh and I spoke to introduce the topic of the misuse of hash tags. My goal for next Tuesday is to finish conducting the interviews and record them as well as begin making the posters.  Then for next Thursday I hope to edit all of the video and finalize the posters and have at least 90% of the project done by the end of class.